AWACS instituted the AWACS Awards in Marketing Excellence in 2014 & the 1st ever Awards were given on 25th September 2014 at Mumbai


Why Awards?


One of the highly acclaimed industry employing a large army of people, there were no awards. As a Market Research Agency with syndicated audit PharmaTrac, we felt it’s necessary to recognize and reward the top performers of the Domestic Pharmaceutical Industry, hence the idea was constituted for “AWACS Awards in Marketing Excellence”


How were the categories chosen?


One cannot compare a Top 20 company with an 80th Ranked Company. So we divided into 3 broad categories – Top 20, 21-50 Rank and Above 50.


We also did further categorization like Acute, Chronic, New Introductions, Existing Brands.


The last financial year was one of the most challenging in recent times –However certain brands – have shown remarkable volume growth post getting a huge topline hit due to DPCO. For such products we created a special category this year on Best DPCO revival. Again classifying it by company size and Acute / Chronic.


Lastly we also categorized Specialty Brand Award based on syndicated Research


Procedure for Evaluation


The nominated Companies were asked to submit a small presentation on Why they should be considered for the award with special emphasis on parameters like what was the brand positioning, how was the internal stakeholder (field force) excited and what were the campaigns undertaken. All these aspects had an impact on the final outcome.


For each category – we then created an independent judge panel & we ensured no one from AIOCD AWACS is present in the same. Panel gave rating points which finally resulted in the brands being selected.